The Better Living Solutions Group Inc.
Let us make your project come to life

Let us lead you on your journey to your perfect new  space!

Let me take your ideas and guide you through the process of turning that idea into the perfect new space which fits your needs and wants. 
Eric Owen, Founder
Let us professional guide you through your construction project.

We can walk you through all the steps from idea to project completions.   Working with you and your team to come up with the ideas and plans for you new space.
We manage the complete construction project from bid documents and trade selections to project close out.

Provide you with project management and on-site construction supervision.

Let us manage the complete process or you and let you focus on managing your business

You know, you don't know enough about constitution to make sure your project goes as planned

You know you need someone more skilled to represent you in the construction process.

To take your IDEAS, WANTS, NEEDS and provide that information to the General Contractor in a clear and proper format.  

Also that be able to answer the General Contractors questions in a timely manner with clean and concise instructions.

Plus providing you with the assurance that you are not being mislead buy the General Contractor.  Get true information on real costs and time lines. 

Contact us and let us represent you.
Is your current construction project not going how you planned.

-Is the project behind schedule?
-Difficult to get a hold of people?
-Difficult to get answers?
-Way too many change orders?
-Are costs increasing?

If this sounds like your project, 
Contact Us, and let us help!

A construction project has many factors involved but there are some main components and people that make it run smoothly.

If some of these are not in place your project it at risk of going badly.

We have the Skills, Knowledge, and Resources in a Complete Process to:

  -Find the true issues!!!
  -Document how you got there
  -Provide you with the,
       Path Forward 

Contact us now so we can SAVE you construction project! 

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