The Better Living Solutions Group Inc.
What is your working space?

Let us lead you on your journey to your perfect new office space!

Whatever your needs are for new commercial space we can help you get there. 

Let me guide you from the space you are in to the space that lets our business success.  
Eric Owen
Eric Owen, Founder
How can we make your office the perfect space for you?

Do you need a little bit of additional space or move to a new office for that perfect space.

From Framing to Complete Buildings let us build what you need to suite your growing business.
Let us professional guide you through your construction project.

We can walk you through all the steps from idea to project completions.   Working with you and your team to come up with the ideas and plans for you new space.
We manage the complete construction project from bid documents and trade selections to project close out.

Provide you with project management and on-site construction supervision.

Let us manage the complete process or you and let you focus on managing your business

Commercial Fit Up

Commercial Framing and Construction
Wood and Steel

Wood Framing

4000sqft Wood framed building, the complete envelope.
Framing, sheeting, tyvek, exterior rigid insulation, strapping for siding, Truss and sheeting install.  
4000sqft Wood Framing

Steel Framing

Metal Siding

We have installed metal siding as both the building exterior and as demising wall 
Building Exterior Siding
Metal siding used as fire rated demising wall  30' Tall by 150' long
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